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First day at the Centre for Computing History computers from 1982 event - a really good turnout and some wonderful machines pt 1 #retrocomputing #xp

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Putting it out there for any lovely new people, or people returning to Mastodon...

If you use a mac, then the Mastonaut app by on the App Store is:

* Free
* Open Source
* Native
* Lovely

No idea how I missed this before, it's a very nice app. (toot tui still roolz tho')

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It took me a long time to get round to doing this drawing, but I finally got some art time this afternoon yay! This is an Eastern Screech Owl.
Thanks so much to @cruzin for the suggestion 👍
I did this drawing with a mix of media, graphite pencil, pen and ink, colour pencil, Posca and Posca pens.
I will put it up for sale in my shop soon.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #owl #owldrawing #drawing #sketchbook

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I too can happily recommend all of these fine people for #retrocomputing fun.

@notawizard @dddaaannn @josipretrobits
@mos_8502 @Wintermute_BBS

There are lots more but follow these and you'll find the others 😀

#followfriday #ff #retrodon (I'm not giving up on retrodon)

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One of the good inpact of #Microsoft is pushing a laptop #security features that can be benefited also by #Linux.
For example #TPM2 can securely unlock your encrypted root linux drive without entering a password every time.
🔑 📀 :linux:

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Took the #Atari XE to work today and it was a big hit. I wrote this little #BASIC program and then told my coworkers "You've got mail in the lounge" and left this program running.
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mastodon.el is really a fantastic way to experience the fediverse. haven't had this much fun in quite some time...

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The light switch by our front door has this row of programmable multi-color LEDs, and I set it up to reflect the latest regional covid-in-wastewater numbers on an exponential scale. So right now it looks like this...

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