Curfews have been instated across multiple major US cities. The future is dystopian. The future is cyberpunk. The future is boring and it fucking sucks.

Melon Cream Soda and Seaweed salad. What a great combo.

I'm going back down the nootropic rabbit hole.

Every landlord that I've spoken to in Las Vegas has turned out to be a scammer. So much for attempting to abuse geo-arbitrage.

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The kicker: the SAN on the Cloudflare cert belongs to a Spammy League of Legends leader board. I don't even play league of legends!

For now, I'm rotating every single one of my passwords and storing them in a keychain far away from my apple account and any other apple related services/hardware.

I'm starting to wonder if my Apple Keychain has been compromised. It's odd because this issue seems to be limited to my company's application. To add I do work in the political tech space.

After some further troubleshooting and investigation it appears that the issue is limited only to devices of mine that are or have authenticated to my personal or work apple account. To confirm I wiped all of my apple devices, and did not log back into the devices during setup. I was able to authenticate to my companies app with no issue and I was served the correct cert. After logging back in and waiting about 10-15 minutes, the cloudflare cert issue appeared again

Dealing with a weird issue where our company web app is serving me a rogue certificate when I attempt to authenticate.. I am the only person in the company that is experiencing this issue.

First beer in months, I forgot what it feels like to consume alcohol.

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I am almost google free. I have cut over about 70% of my accounts to protonmail and additionally, deleted a large % of accounts that I no longer need. I should be able to safely cut the cord by end of year.

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DEF CON is canceled... No, for real. The in-person event is canceled. We're not joking. It's canceled. We mean it

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