hi im grits :) usa, she/her
i like bugs and shiny things and good craftsmanship
but most of all i love computers and i write software for a living so that's lucky i suppose :)

i also love languages (like, human ones, not just programming languages!) and im learning german and korean so if you speak either of those please help me learn! and forgive my terrible grammar :o

anyway feel free to chat w me im just here for the vibes heh


@grits English is my first language as well. I personally recommend learning the consonants Hangul, then the vowels. This will serve your purpose greater than any of the apps. Already know English gives you a huge advantage at learning Hangul. Once you learn the consonants, I've notice it transfers over to Chinese and Japanese pretty easily.

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@HSK4096 thank you for the advice!! to be honest i have much more trouble with listening than reading, and it's indeed those dang consonants!! they sound so similar to me 😭

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