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Where the hell did they find $4.5Billion ?

Surley Terra Form Labs should just create a managed fund for everyone to join, instead of forking Luna/Terra.
They must have sold some big lies, cause who is going believe forking will create value ? 🚩🚩🚩🚩

I was going to call out the Luna fork BS but instead I'm gonna let you all know i'm enjoying Bob's Burgers and will play some Disco Elysium later on.

Isn't social influence powerful. Even after the Luna death spiral and Terra losing it's peg, Do Kwon's "proposed" fork (what happened to decentralization though) has Luna holders or as they refer to themselves "Lunatics" hopeful that v2 will be the answer they are looking for.

I still haven't heard what happened to the billions of BTC which the LFG held in reserves and for the record Do Kwon has promised the new Tokens for holders on exchanges along with everyone else. The scam continues....

DYOR which stands for "Do Your Own Research" is often thrown about by Crypto bro's as a device to deflect responsibility, especially when it comes to advice.

I am 100% convinced that a majority of these players haven't done any research, are emotionally connected or caught up in the broader social influence.

I say this because there are far too many people online RIGHT NOW talking about buying Luna and cashing in big when it recovers. You are dreaming, just put that money down and walk away.

Hearing pundits refer to Luna depegging as a result of an attack is flawed, much like "algorithmic stable coins" as it wasn't an attack but a flaw of the algorithm itself.

Ofcourse Terra Form Labs would refer to it as an attack, they are also blocking communications on Discord and Telegram. In a clear attempt to try control the ongoing narrative and somehow bolster market confidence.

Also if you or you know of anyone affected by this crash please reach out to friends/family if you need support

Lol I'm sorry but if you have to lockdown the Discord servers to try control the narrative, that should alarm everyone.

This is the TerraUSD UST Discord message but they have also done the same on the Anchor protocol Discord and the Luna Discord too.

I understand cyber security is not fully understood by everyone but the populisation of remote access VPN services, has created complaincency amongst the average user, that it will protect against all sorts of security issues.

It doesn't help that they sell themselves as a one-stop shop for online security.

Claiming your team is fully Doxxed is a wierd selling point to promote and kind of a red flag.

it's clearly a sign of the high risk and corrupt nature of a majority of the NFT space currently.

i feel like it's a bad sign when your stablecoin community is talking about "buying the dip"

I just saw the term "trad software" used in comparison to "smart contracts" seriously the delusion in Crypto continues to shock me. Software is software, what it's used for doesn't change that.

Steam remote play is awesome, until it decides to scale weird or drop quality randomly. Overall 7/10 I totally recommend.

Grady Brooch: "The story of computing is the story of need and desire"

The following is inspired by that Grady Brooch quote.

When it comes to the world of Crypto, NFT's and DeFi I think it goes something like this.....

The story of Crypto is the story of greed and self interest. Add to that a touch of community, influence and occasionally the odd messiah complex and you ultimatley end up with a blockchain based titanic, on course with a web3 berg.

Can anyone help me answer this query.

First off I'm not a computer scientist so I've been reading about the fundamentals of Finite State Machines and while I think I have a good grasp on the behavior, I need some clarification.

While reading up on certain Blockchain concepts. I read one blog which used the term "de-centralised state machine" and used it interchangeably with the term blockchain. Not gonna lie this seems like a made up term to me but am I wrong & just misunderstanding ? Thx

I think part of the reason Crypto bro's like Crypto is they feel a sense higher intelligence. Alot of them like to use verbose terminology when describing the technology, i guess they think it looks impressive. You don't have to glamorize everything. It takes intelligence to explain complexity simply, not the other way around.

I actually had a civil conversation with a random on Twitter, they where hyper focused on obscurity for some reason and finally why do Crypto bro's want to literally decentralize everything ?

My quick thoughts for today.

I really enjoy playing New World but I always find a bugged quest or two every patch and it's so annoying but overall I'm having a blast.

I went into the "Metaverse" as Decentraland would have it anyway and "Boy Oh Wow!" It was boring AF

Here's my quick rundown and thoughts of this web3 tech that is honestly 20years old at this point.


Let's do this fast but I'm no fan of the current state / usage of blockchains, Crypto and NFT's.

One major area of Interest, is when the above is combined with a favourite hobby of mine, gaming!

One day my thoughts may change but for now I'm not convinced at all. Here it is in depth.


Correction, "Mastodon" I winder If Twitter will get that edit button now that Mr Musk owns it ?

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