@seb: We haven't had much in the way of direct inter-org handoff. Mostly I believe our CTI team works with CISA/DHS as a kind of clearing house. As I understand it, that doesn't work very well. It looks a little like herding cats from the outside looking in TBH.

@maxamillion someone made a RetroPi for me using a Playstation 1 case as a gift. It’s incredibly cute and you should absolutely do this.

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The initial reports of the scrape made me a bit uncomfortable as it indicated accounts being made and such. Further revelations about it being a simple scrape made the moral victory feel more complete. Hacking for good gets to be a slippery slope too quick. I’m waiting for the next round of back door calls with Parler-rists going to Signal. Lots of double edged swords swinging around :(

@sev My question is this, was it preemptive or was Cheeto actually running around on there? Same for PHub and Pinterest. Both had me scratching my head yesterday.

@seb I wish Matrix/Element got a little more circulation.


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