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Hi. If you're gonna fucking tell somebody to google (or duckduckgo or whatever) something when they ask for help, just shut the fuck up. Most people know perfectly well how to search for shit, and if they're not finding things, they'll turn to the people instead of the shitty search engines. You're insulting their intelligence, and you're making them feel shitty about needing help. Everybody starts somewhere. If you've got the knowledge, share it! Help others! Quit putting them down!

It takes time to register on forums, it takes time to post the question, it takes time to figure out how to explain the problem. And if they're going through that process, there's a good fucking chance that they've already exhausted their search options, and are probably frustrated.

So just don't. You're being an asshole and nobody whatsoever ever appreciates being told "here let me google that for you" or "go google it" or any of that. If you have the knowledge, share it. Otherwise, shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Looking for employment by the way. leads, tips and tricks are appreciated.

Sorry for the rant.

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Why is finding a entry level Info-sec job so difficult?

I always see " This is an entry level position, all you need is 5-10 years experience and a bachelors"

I have worked in a couple industries so far in my life and IT is the worst offender in regards to realistic expectations. Hiring managers ALWAYS ask for unicorns.

How is someone supposed to get into the field after getting certs or some training without having to take a barely-above-minimum-wage job for 2-5 years?

How do you guys study? Traditional "write notes all day" method? Or something else, because my way never works because I hate going back over my notes all the time.

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See how much #Linux stuff you could learn if you followed the #ManMeBot hashtag?? What are y'all even doing!

ManMeBot has posted 860 Linux commands since he was born. A fun little project I whipped up early in my Fediverse career.

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