W00t - new season of Have You Been Paying Attention just started!

Daily Driver?

Is it that everyone has forgotten how not to be an arsehole at the baggage carousel, or has it been so long since I’ve travelled that I’ve forgotten just how much of an arsehole everyone is?

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Aaaaand - landed! 4.25 now, let’s see how long it takes to get bags off.

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OMG - actually on board! In economy when I had a confirmed business upgrade, but at least heading in the right direction.

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Original flight was cancelled. New flight has just been delayed.

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For a billionaire, Elon Musk is surprisingly needy.

Ha - after a couple of years of no travel, my curse has stuck with me. Will I actually be able to get home today?

@thegibson I have so many I can't remember them. I'm certain that I've done the "rm -rf / path/that/I/meant/to/delete" classic. I've cost users time and email. I've lost data to bad RAID configs or mis-remembering which was target drive and which was source drive.

I've had over 35 years to make mistakes. The thing I hope is that I don't make the same one twice.

Well, that’s the AusCERT conference done for 2022.

Who’s going to be in Canberra for AISA Cybercon at the end of May?

I told myself I was going to get my Mastodon account sorted out before , but of course ran out of time. Now it’s finished, hi to everyone I ran into over the past couple of days :-)

Did some playing around with running my own Mastodon instance. Decided it wasn't for me (who has the time to be doing server updates and dealing with all that?!) Back to my original account on ioc.exchange now 🙂

@thegibson This instance is anti-fascist. As part of the mod team, I have worked to not only make the easy choices of blocking the obvious vile nazi-infested instances but also help make the difficult moderation decisions when investigating problematic users on popular instances, as well responding to reports against users here. Make no mistake, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards bigotry in all its forms. The far right will not be permitted to gain a foothold here.

Haven't been playing with Mastodon much for a while. Might have to change that.

Excited to see lots of new people embracing the decentralized #FreeSoftware movement and joining #Mastodon today. :mastodon:

We're hoping the big migration includes lots of great new voices with #health and #medical ideas. #OpenSource health tech shouldn't just be for the birds! :twitter:

:boost_requested: Follow us and boost this message to share the word, if you agree!

The threshold for discoverability on Mastodon is pretty high, so be generous about boosting other people. Sometimes you're the signal, and sometimes you're the path the signal takes through the noise.

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