Something I could never relate to was why people -- especially those in the security industry -- loved the movie "Hackers".

Did you like it? Why did you like it? What make it appealing to you?

@YAb0 I like it enough to watch it every 10y or so. The Matrix trilogy I watch more often.

@YAb0 The depicted culture is how we all feel, although it is not what reality looks like.
I also like the visualization of the hacking, looks a lot like 80’s video games which I also like.

@seb - This was what I really clicked with when it came out. In spite of the technology changes it's surprising how relevant many of the ideas still are.

@YAb0 @seb "Type "cookie" you idiot" [then the virus is gone]
Yeah, lol.

@YAb0 mate.... I was a kid... It had b00bs so, good movie 😅

@r3pek - Happens to all of us, one way or another. 😂 😅

@YAb0 I watched it for the first time a few months ago and it's definitely in my Top 10 Worst movie experiences.

@YAb0 it’s the worst of my top 10 favorite movies, yet somehow remains the only one that hasn’t changed in the 20+ years since I first saw the film. It might actually, un-ironically be my favorite movie of all time.

It captures a moment in time, a snapshot of an ideal. If we look past the cringe and the ham, we see a film about clever, queer outcasts coming together worldwide to support each other against an oppressive, corrupt authoritarian system that wants to erase them.

@YAb0 It speaks to the old-school hacker philosophy that didn’t discriminate against race, gender, sexuality; what mattered was your philosophy and your willingness to share your passions with others.

Not to mention, the film makes tons of little references to real-world hacker history and lore. As a kid, I loved reading about the exploits of the “big-name” hackers. Those little “easter eggs” thrilled me. Like the directors knew what made me tick.

@YAb0 Yeah, i like it! Back in the days i was like "yeah, i wanna be a hacker now!"
It's by far not the most realistic "hacking" movie, but it grabs some real techniques and makes it understandable and enjoyable to the "general" movie watcher.
It's a good bridge between reality and classical "hollywood movie hacking stuff" (like 5 open windows with scrolling text and everybody is just being overwhelmed by green text on black background).

But not comparable with the later Mr. Robot of course...

@YAb0 Never saw it! My in was Wargames. Who doesn't want to be like that kid?

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