I rly like this pic of me in the waiting room for an interview

exams ended recently so I'm coming back on.

Is anyone else attending


what is the attraction to Matrix vs. Telegram?

...this argument is being made in bad faith a lot, but it rings true imo that corporations just shldn't be the ones driving privacy policy.

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This is simultaneously the greatest and most unnerving thing to happen so far in 2021. On the one hand, the privacy control given back to individuals is pretty cool.

On the other hand, this fact that this system is being instated by a corporation and not government mandate is cause for major concern...


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Ein magisches Wesen mit viel Koffein?

Die Kaf-fee

I love this ambivalence among privacy professionals of wanting to connect with each other over the net but also wanting to flex their craft and go totally dark as a matter of walking the walk πŸ˜‚

it's mind-boggling and infuriating how much the US government is readily knowledgeable about and just does nothing to address.

I'm writing a paper on ultrasonic cross device tracking (uxdt) and going through an extremely articulate transcript of an FTC workshop on the matter from...FIVE YEARS AGO. The uxdt market has at least quintupled in size since then, why wasn't anything done to prevent this????

Are quotetoots not a thing? Ah well, LRT (last retoot πŸ˜†) I'm not surprised at all. My working theory has been that most all effective cyberattacks are under the auspices of foreign governments

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Don't get me wrong, all crypto and DeFi is a hypetrain/scam, but that's what makes this all so dangerous. The bubble is huge now and if it pops (which it very well could if the government does anything to shake investor confidence), the damage that would be wrought on top of the COVID bust would probably kill thousands through indirect economic effects....

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I do work for the legal working group within a blockchain thinktank and one of my jobs is to collect relevant articles for the members to stay current on. I haven't been here very long, but already I can see that the theme for most of what I find will be "FTC gets closer and closer to absolutely wrecking decentralized finance."

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@baynoni Ask open questions during the interview. You can ask them how the cyber team/department is structured. How they would assess their cyber maturity level? If they have always used framework xyz (often NIST CSF) to lead their cyber strategy? Get them to talk a lot and then listen and learn.

Open question: how do you make the most of rejection? As a student I'm applying to a lot of places, which means I have windows of contact that close very quickly.

What can I do within those windows to maximize my gain as an applicant in the future? I've tried soliciting feedback directly, but get stonewalled often. It kind of sucks....

ok this one is obvious, but for general law issues I'll use this hashtag, it'll probably end up being multiple subtags as I get more acquainted with the world

Looking back at my little rant from yesterday...I should probably give myself some hashtags

I don't have anything of substance to say, I just want an excuse to enjoy my new typewriter keyboard :))))))

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