In 2050 you'll customize your pet using crisper DNA manipulation. GloFish, Zebra dogs, or maybe you'll go retro. with a pure bread goldfish.

It's the future of pets:

By 2050, teens will not only have to change their name to avoid being canceled, they will need to change their face.

By 2050: AI will detect life-threatening diseases in the nascent stage, predict weather conditions of a large area over several months and become a digital collaborator to the human race.

In 2050... "If you feel sick, there is no need to visit health clinics with their numerous cabinets, labs and crowds of other sick people....Now you can get basic medical treatment without physical contact to other people: a medical booth approximately the size of a phone booth can help you."

By 2050, I can imagine Mars becoming a vacation site. - Neil deGrasse Tyson

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