I'm at my local coffee shop to get our morning caffeine hit.

The public are lucky I've brushed my hair and put on my 'outside' pants.

But there are young* girls here and they are completely done up in heels, makeup, etc.

I have never felt so OLD 😭

*late teens, early 20's

I live in my angry place most of the week, it's what fuels me.

Weekends are for laughing. No anger required.

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When you feel life’s getting on top of you and you can’t take any more, just close your eyes and go to your angry place.

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Also electricity, gas and water!

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How about Black Friday but for houses and fuel?

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Holy shit, small human has become addicted to Gummi Bears on Disney+ 😂

It's like reliving my childhood. She's freaked out by the fact I know the song off by heart 🎶🎶🎶

Seeing as it's Friday, here's a general 'Hey, we're a cool bunch, come hang with us if you aren't already!' invite!


100% agree with Snipey here. I didn't phrase well. The ability to turn replies off is incredibly valuable for many reasons, notably for women to be able to prevent harrassment.

Seeing it used in THIS way is frustrating - because it's an attempt to silence critics.

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@girlgerms@twitter.com Jess, I'm the last one to defend him, but having replies turned off when you have a shit-ton of people who start crap with you is pretty common.

He's a dumpster fire for lots of other legitimate reasons, but don't disparage one of the few tools women have been given here

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This - information, best practice, recommendations... they all change. You cannot know everything.

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@girlgerms@twitter.com I knew what the answer once was before it changed several times... of course I'm going to look things up. Thats because I know what good engineering practices are - and its not being a know it all.

It's so sad to see DHH go (more) off the rails these past few years.

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I read the BBC News article on this.

That guy is an utter cockwomble of the highest order.

If commiting crimes was purely due to a lack of role models, women would've made up 90% of the inmates in prisons until the last few decades...

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Seeing some nasty and fragile hate from a tory, who states that women playing the doctor, a fictional character causes men to commit crimes.

The doctor played by a woman is one of my favourite decisions in who history ❤️

Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin are fantastic

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The fact that this twatwaffle has "replies" turned off shows he knows what an utter dumpster fire of a take this is.

I do not know it all. I do not pretend to. I know how to *FIND* the information and piece it together and how to make sense of it. That's my skill.

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"You can't become the I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING dog as a professional identity. Don't embrace being a copy-pasta programmer whose chief skill is looking up shit on the internet." world.hey.com/dhh/programmers-

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I honestly wish "Knowing how to Google shit" was a basic school subject, because it is one of, if not *THE*, most valuable tools you have - as ANY kind of professional.

Anyone who says otherwise is fucking bullshitting you.

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every expert you admire looks stuff up all the time, and every one who tells you they don't is lying or trying to sell you something

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Honestly, if I had this TA, I would be thrilled. They are my kind of people. 💜

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Meanwhile on @tumblr@twitter.com:

This is worse than the time I had to explain a sweary bird pin on my lapel to the deputy prime minister of Australia

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I'm not ashamed to admit I absolutely bawled watching this. It's just gorgeous. What an absolutely beautiful message. ❤

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The Norwegian postel system has released their Christmas ad, it's my favourite and well, my eyes have been leaking since I've watched it. I love you Norway. @postennorge@twitter.com 🇳🇴❤️🎅

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...now this is going to fester in my brain.

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Fonts have a weight and fonts have a height, so technically it should be possible to calculate the BMI of a font.

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...is it wrong that I both love and LOATHE this in equal measure?

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The site that keeps on giving.

Why the fuck was I breached? whythefuckwasibreached.com/

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Came into the office today, had this gem of a gift waiting for me 💜

I have some hilarious friends. Thankyou @AbstractCode@twitter.com 😂

"...men are less likely than women to perceive that gender inequality is a problem in their workplaces and in society in general."

No. Fucking. Shit.

If you're BENEFITING from it, why would you see it as a problem?! 🤦‍♀️

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