...learning more and more about why my body just fucking *HATES ME*.


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Not doing Sentinel this week, doing Security Center/Azure Defender...I'm so rusty, because it's been SO LONG.

Toddlers. Honestly...they are small tyrants that have zero filters and assume you are there solely to please them.

Well, I have news for you, gremlin. I am not.

...but sometimes you look just so damn cute.

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This thread. Hilarious and awesome.

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Over the weekend ~15 California condors descended on my moms house and absolutely trashed her deck. They still havenโ€™t left. It sucks but also this is unheard of, thereโ€™s only 160 of these birds flying free in the state and a flock of them decided to start a war with my mom ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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It is morning.

There has already been a debate about:
a) breakfast (to which she stole donuts from the bench...);
b) brushing teeth;
c) getting dressed ("But I want to look PREEEETTTTYYYY!");
and d) leaving the fucking house.

Some days...


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Architecture? Don't know
Requirements? Not sure
Funding? Nothing in place
Timeframe? Required immediately

"Can you get us a cost estimate?"

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...I can't help it. I'm a Marvel addict. Watching this gave me chills.


Cannot wait to see what they bring in the next few years ๐Ÿ’œ

Mr GirlGerms has gone to a medical appointment.

Lil' GirlGerms is home sick.

I am on a call with a customer.

...what could *POSSIBLY* go wrong?


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My wife wasnโ€™t thrilled when I put this Lego Millennium Falcon on our wedding registry. To not seem completely self-indulgent, I told her Iโ€™d wait until we had kids to build it. Today, after 10 patient years, the adventure begins.

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Looking forward to Gen-X being the new "oldies" and letting Millenials fix this shit up!

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@SamBraslow@twitter.com Gen X here. I fully support this.

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Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics

(One of my all time favourites, taken by Mr GirlGerms himself... I look *PISSED*)


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Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics

(Hate selfies and I donโ€™t look very scary. Not much of a boss ๐Ÿคฃ) twitter.com/nicolefv/status/13

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/wyrdgirl/status/13

Having a "morning".

Small human awake before 5.

Discovered she's drawn on our blinds with 'child safe' pens - meaning there indelible and likely never to come out...

Just waiting on the third thing to happen.

Going to get coffee. Need it this morning.

I am grumpy.

But that's NOTHING compared to the stress and anxiety Mr GirlGerms is going through at the thought of me getting COVID.

I want to get this to put his mind at rest and stop him stressing himself to death.

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@qldhealthnews@twitter.com What pisses me off even more? I put those exact same details into the nh.org.au site (not realising it was Victorian) and was offered a spot in a vaccination clinic two days later.

What the actual fuck...

Do I honestly need to fly down to Victoria to get this vax?

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I am beyond pissed. I have been trying to get my shot since it first became available. Now that AZ is "contraindicated" for those under 50, I'm stuck waiting for Pfizer. I check every 2-3 days...

@qldhealthnews@twitter.com - I'm cohort 1b. When can I get vaxxed?! ๐Ÿคฌ


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Pfizer shipments to Australia are ramping up, we just received our largest shipment of 351,000 doses which arrived in Australia today.

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There needs to be a filter for all social media and email that detects when an Australian is using it and doesn't filter or flag the word 'fuck'.

It's punctuation, for fucks' sake.

Off to see my rheumy this afternoon.

This will either result in me being happy, or me bitching about having to sit in a hospital waiting room for an hour past my appointment...

Guess which one is more likely ๐Ÿ˜‘


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Purple is a personality trait...

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*This* is why I love video games. It's not just the game. It's the people. ๐Ÿ’œ

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Today is an important day for me. Fifteen years ago @Warcraft@twitter.com, and a good friend saved my life. I was badly addicted to amphetamines, and had nowhere to go. I got this in-game mail from my guild leader, Tremain - Dragonmaw. 1/2

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