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I so badly hope that the new WhatsApp privacy policy update will make people switch to Signal and other secure (so not Telegram, for the record) messengers.

Back when Facebook acquired WhatsApp I quit it right away, hopefully more people will, now.

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Showing no remorse reveals how FB values user data:

It is the responsibility of a tech service to secure user data. Better choose services that protect your privacy! 💪
Check here whether your data was leaked:

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LGBTQ youth: this guide can help you explore resources online without accidental outing to family, peers, or advertisers.

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Want even more protection? EFF's Privacy Badger extension learns about trackers, then blocks them outright. In Chrome and Firefox, Privacy Badger protects you from cookie tracking as well as more unconventional privacy threats.

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Been hearing a lot about the evolution of the FF logo, but this was unexpected...

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Clearview's photo database has been declared illegal in the EU & Canada. Yet, the real scandal about Clearview still stands: Individuals must opt out of data abuse - even though they never gave consent. Here we explain how to opt out: #Fight4Privacy 💪😎

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With the help of #NOYB, Clearview AI's database has been declared illegal in the EU. Take action now to stop Clearview from collecting your data: 😀💪

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All systems are up and running again. Tutanota was down for about 30 minutes due to issues with a software update during a scheduled release. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this!

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This is what happens when a tech company becomes too big:

#google using its monopoly as a weapon to threaten governments, and making political ads for their own benefits.

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#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details:

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In a very interesting case - A coalition of 8 major human rights and press freedom groups have filed a brief supporting Facebook Inc.’s lawsuit against the Israeli #surveillance technology company #NSOGroup, arguing that the “very core of the principles that America 🗽 represents” are at stake in the very case.

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#Linux users should patch now to block new “FreakOut” malware which exploits new vulnerabilities. These ongoing attacks involve a new malware variant, called ‘FreakOut.’

The attack exploits the following CVE’s:

CVE-2020-28188 – released 28/12/20 – TerraMaster TOS
CVE-2021-3007 – released 3/1/21 – Zend Framework
CVE-2020-7961 – released 20/03/20 – Liferay Portal

Due to me not using WhatsApp, I asked a friend (let's say western "region") to try this with the provided file and another random mp4 file.

The exact same happened.
Both mp4 files view perfectly on a mobile device and computer... the WhatsApp mocking one just does not upload with a random error (WhatsApp status)

Anyone who can debunk this for me? I can't imagine any other factors....

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The power of open source is the power of the people.
✅ Email: Tutanota
✅ Chat: Signal
✅ Office: LibreOffice
✅ Search: DuckDuckGo
✅ Password manager: KeePass
#OpenSource puts you in control. Change your habits, reclaim your privacy! 😀

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I don't think anyone at Signal will ever read this but; good luck people! I fully understand that the insane amount of users joining right now is creating significant server and traffic overloads.

Good luck 💪👊 <3

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