i helped my sister get her podcast off the ground with this interview that asks: what is health, what is mental health, and what is spiritual health. please have a listen and consider being a guest.

50ml vodka
50ml triplesec
one squirt lemon
one squirt lime
soda water

"the 905"

50ml vodka
one squirt lime
one squirt lemon
fill with mineral water
i call it the causeway

the only reason i have the stuff i have is because i have not broken it yet

when i get drinky, i start to play music: Dynoro, Gigi D’Agostino - In My Mind, KXA - Gladius, Jordan Comolli - 4U, JAEGER & Meric - After Dawn, Deorro - Five Hours, Chet Faker - Gold, Noro - DEEP END

If you were the one buying twitter, which bans would you reverse once it became your company?

I am contently living in Florida on the east coast without a care in the world. Being from Michigan, I have found a paradise for myself here.

oh my! i just looked up and it is for sale for half a mil. [eyeroll]

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this morning i overheard some young woman call my truck a creeper van😂

so i have been teaching myself, and i am getting a D. i feel like i am painting and this was the first coat, now i will run through it again and absorb another "coat". frustrating yes, but i am not young anymore. i realize i should have been doing this long ago

i'm on the last chapter of the comptia cyber security analyst study guide. i bet i could take the test right now and pass it but it's like three months wait to get in. instead i will start over and run through it again

i've had the new comptia cysa+ book for two days. I have a laptop setup for labs with virtualbox and am teaching myself like i was my own student taking end of chapter tests. I am doing well and having fun being frustrated at myself

results of my comptia cyber security analyst test. the test changed since i bought the study book so i didn't pass. i got 11 wrong out of 65. some questions i had no idea what they were. i will spend to get the new book and try again

Happy thanksgiving! I’m very excited for today’s show.

I have a question that may be loaded with age bias.

Where are we right now in the cycle?

paid for and have a date for the test with comptia cybersecurity analyst. stinking response to covid shut it all down a year ago when i was looking to do this. now i am back on track to be certified. feels good

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