i wonder if reddits 'the button' was related in some way to all of this. perhaps an experiment to see how people would turn on each other for being buttoned or not. i didn't push it and posted to influence other not to push it either. hmmmm

maybe it is time for normies to figure out what exempt means. i have been exempt from income tax for 5 years now. read the fine print

i just realised that a steam deck will need headphones... headphones that sit well with virtual reality headsets

i have a real rager for coding at the moment. after so many years of 'starting' to code, i finnally 'get it' and am able to feel it. im playing with random numbers

i need mosquito killer in my vape juice, so when i see em commin i fog the little muthafuckas ๐Ÿคฃ

yesterday i was asked if i had a phone and i realized that i was no longer in the habbit of having it with me all the time. it was a very good feeling knowing the phone was no longer part of my identity

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