Hope this ends up being like infosec Twitter used to be a few years ago. Thanks to Elon Musk for giving me the push to give it a try.

@matthew_d_green While there have certainly been other periods in the past where people have made the exodus to Mastodon, this time feels different.

@matthew_d_green how are you planning on using it for now? Mirroring with twitter? Waiting for a while to see how much traction it picks up?

@aikensource Good question. Maybe seeing how it develops and whether I can find a community here.

@matthew_d_green @aikensource Same here. Hoping to see some migration tools and services (might have to get my Python hands dirty).

Thanks for helping with the chicken not egg problem 😎

@matthew_d_green welcome to Mastodon! Searching the content is harder but the connections are more human and valuable 👌

@matthew_d_green OHAI 👋

The #infosec hashtag is not bad. Can't compare though, have not used :birdsite: for *checks notes* a decade.

@matthew_d_green Exactly what I am hoping for. Good to find so many of the diverse us here already. 🙂

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