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I will be traveling alone for my vacation.

I think I have a professional deformation because I'm thinking about and while I'm preparing clothes and equipment.

And now I just realized that I wrote the word "equipment".

btw I also have a plan

I hope this doesn't lead to some sort of strategy plan to counter attack

I'm joking, I'm only a and enthusiast

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So I just watched the #AppleEvent

The new MacBook Pro is a phenomenal device.

Will I buy one?

Hell no.

Why not?

Because Apple is planning on fundamentally violating our privacy by implementing client-side scanning.

So I no longer trust them.

#apple #privacy

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"We value your privacy" = "Your privacy has monetary value and yes, we sell it".


I'm very fascinated by heap exploitation, everytime I read "House of " I act like a little kid with his favourite metal group

I study cybersecurity at university.

In books or courses decentralized solutions are "reported" like a fairytale at the end of a chapter or topic, after talking about centralized, "secure" and "trusted" solutions.

I hate that. I hate the word "cybersecurity" too!

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The year is 2031.

Your electric car locked you out because you reached your driving limit.

You walk to the store to buy food. The steak you want to buy gets denied because you reached your C02 limit.

You walk home with a a bag of bugs and fake soy meat.

Peter Sweden

>this is want they want

I'm happy to see that phrack has published issue 70

Writing an article there would be a dream

Today FB/WA/IG users experimented the concept of Single Point Of Failure in their way of living

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Now that it’s down, hopefully forever 🤞🏽, is a good time to read how #Facebook could continue to sacrifice society for its profits:

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should I want to explore the actor model, in the context of concurrent computation, what's the easiest option ?


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“What’s in a package” 📦

This blog post was inspired by the sweat I put into packaging #PyTorch for #Guix and by a desire to understand what #pip & #CONDA were doing and to explain what’s at stake.

#infosec #ReproducibleBuilds #ReproducibleScience
Cc: @reproducible_builds

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I have to stop with exploitation and start with cryptography for an exam 😩

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requesting help, vaccination in Germany 

If anyone knows a place that is offering vaccines without the requirement for German citizenship, please let me know.

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This is the remote exploit, the ctf is on rootme

There's also an information leak I used to read an address from remote stack to improve the reliability

Binary exploitation is very fascinating but the skill to deal with different architecture is more challenging.

Today I resolved a ctf pwning a buffer overflow on MIPS architecture. The use of qemu in user mode emulation and with a gdb stub server, and gdb-multiarch for debugging is very interesting.

Furthermore this method could be used with each architecture supported by qemu && gdb-multiarch (or GEF)

This seems nice

"The ARMX Firmware Emulation Framework is a collection of scripts, kernels and filesystems to be used with QEMU to emulate ARM/Linux IoT devices. ARMX is aimed to facilitate IoT research by virtualising as much of the physical device as possible. It is the closest we can get to an actual IoT VM."

I'd like to study some basic browser exploitation.

Any good resources or blog posts?

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