If you're following the rapid spread of COVID-19 in North Korea, check out this tracker with maps and charts we put together today -- available for free: nknews.org/pro/coronavirus-in-

I spoke to someone on the phone today who knew I had been sick. He told me that his trick for not catching Covid was to gargle. (I didn’t ask with what). He went on to say that his family all had it and it’s just a bad cold.

An employee of mine died from this bad cold. He was really young. No health issues. Left a wife and newborn behind.

Seriously people. How are we still at this point?

Looking for researchers who can confidently speak about how office suites like MS Office and/or LibreOffice compare to South 's Hancom Office in terms of vulnerabilities to targeted attacks. Any takers or recommendations?

@carbontwelve Please add me to China, Infosec, Journalism, Privacy, World Politics.

The issued by the transition team of South Korea's incoming president Yoon is listed on OpenSea -- with a whopping 38 views. This may be a tough sell :)


North Koreans told me about the Mirae WiFi network in downtown Pyongyang during a visit in 2017 -- and even the nascent hacking scene already existed back then! Great to see Lumen dig into this! lumen.global/reveal-report

fellas who ended up on the overloaded mastodon.social and mastodon.online instances!

Give them a break and migrate to one of the infosec focused instances:


Fellow colleagues, I'm looking for examples of known vulnerabilities in wireless devices and possible . Pointers welcome!

I've been working on this story on how location-tracking firm Anomaly Six proposed to combine its surveillance with Twitter firehose partner Zignal Labs for a long time and it's finally up.


No wonder many people are struggling to see the value of investing in European institutions:

The European Commission won't investigate member states that likely used spyware against politicians, journalists and sometimes even their families.

"This is really something for the national authorities," an $ commission spokesperson told reporters on Tuesday (19 April).


I woke up this morning to find a Twitter thread I posted yesterday about the massive number of hacks against Russia, and DDoSecrets, went viral. It's at 20k likes and notifications are scrolling by way too fast to follow twitter.com/micahflee/status/1

Does anyone else find it outrageous that U.N. agencies keep removing RSS feeds for their updates while prominently featuring Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts on their websites? Our taxes fund these entities. We deserve open access to the content they produce.

How Democracies Spy on Their Citizens

The inside story of the world’s most notorious commercial spyware and the big tech companies waging war against it.


North Korean hackers stole private emails from a former ROK director of intelligence and used them to phish a journalist with a new type of malware. Full story: nknews.org/2022/04/north-korea

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