Pretty cool. Will give this accessibility feature a go.

How to use your iPhone’s Back Tap feature - The Verge

Out-Of-Office (European)
I’m away camping for the summer. Please email back in September.

Out-Of-Office (American)
I have left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery, but you can reach me on my cell any time.

“Most APTs are not very advanced” - Sun Tzu, The Art of Cyber War

Which country’s censorship laws? US? China? What does it mean to go far beyond those laws? Sounds like he’s off to a great start!

Microsoft’s position on endpoint (Windows) and cloud (Azure) give it a unique and unfair advantage which, IMO, will make it a target for monopoly-focused lawsuits.

Microsoft's $15 billion security business gives investors reason for optimism - CNBC

“There is this movement where corporations know that whoever controls the eyeball is going to have a lot of power.”

Why is Elon Musk buying Twitter? What you need to know about the $44-billion deal - The Globe and Mail

Wordle 311 4/6


Messed this one up by not noticing I had a few letters early.

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