Thursday, January 17th, 2021.
That's right, today's Thursday.
It says so right there. -- Today is Johnny Mnemonic day!


Time to dig up this classic...

Listening to: **Miles Davis** *- Sketches of Spain - Concerto De Aranjuaz*

![Miles Davis and Gil Evans]( "Miles Davis and Gil Evans")

The [castanets](, the band, and Miles with his signature sound, such a great song.

> [We] hadn't intended to make a Spanish album. We were just going to do the Concierto de Aranjuez... -- [Chris Evans](

🎧 [Miles Davis - Concierto de Aranjuez Part 1](

Some people are annoying, others are really good at 'I told you so':

Xscreensaver for the win! 💙 old (up-to-date) software

Jazz and whiskey, we're not allowed to go outside, but inside it's warm and cozy tonight.


Started out disagreeing, but you made your point well, especially for peertube videos, they should be as small as possible, because your hosting on regular peoples bandwidth.

Still enjoy larger screens, though. 16:10 > 16:9 > 4:3

Agree that >4k is probably pointless.

Wrote a small script to test different (opus)-encodings.

It uses opusenc, ffmpeg and optionally jack.

So far I'm not any wiser then yesterday...

@tleb @ajroach42

Finally figured out how to make follow XDG:

echo "export ZDOTDIR=$HOME/.config/zsh" | sudo tee /etc/zsh/zshenv

Off course it was in the Arch wiki all along

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