“I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.”

#notetaking 🤯


I wrote a tool help me create/delete a bunch of VMs at once, for my local libvirt. It also creates an SSH host certificate for the VMs so that I don't have to accept new host keys, or delete them from my known hosts -file manually.


Kdrama: hyena 

An average Kdrama heroine is a typical damsel in distress who needs help 24/7... Every single drama is a variation of Pride and Prejudice... Behind every awkward female, there is a rich and handsome guy, ready to help, pay, save, and give a piggy-back ride, when needed.

Hyena's main character eats dudes for breakfast though. They even made her less good-looking, for some weird reason. Thoroughly recommended series:


Security researcher recommends against #LastPass after detailing 7 #trackers

A security researcher is recommending against LastPass password manager after detailing seven trackers found in the Android app.



LastPass Android: Drittanbieter überwachen jeden Schritt


TV / media consumption 📺

Don't know about you, but for me the excessive amount of being at home has changed my media consumption quite a bit. I both watch more TV, but also less of what I used to watch in the past. My wife got me on Korean dramas, and despite not being the target audience, I'm totally into it!

Currently watching: mydramalist.com/49865-psycho-b


Openstreetmap, being a nerd, is one of the fun-things on my phone, celebrated it's 100 millionth change-set, amazing!

To see change-sets in real-time: jwestman.gitlab.io/osm-in-real

They also have weekly news which is fun to read (nerd fun, that is):

Tusky 14 is out now! 

- Redesigned the drafts function, so they are faster, more user friendly and hopefully more reliable.
- Wellbeing mode, allows you to limit certain features in Tusky. You can enable it in Preferences!
- Animated emoji support, need we say more?
- Timed mutes (for supported servers).
- Notification 🔔 for specific users posting, ring the bell icon on their profile (Mastodon 3.3.0 feature).

You can support our development via opencollective.com/Tusky


into you - a sped up dark trip hop affair that was very introspective from a health scare and treatment

man do i miss that Emu morpheus synth


#industrial #dirtyhouse #ebm #techno #triphop #noise #synth #fediplay #np #mastomusic #mastoart

please get it for free or donation as with all my works #solidarity #cc

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Thank you for a wonderful #ArtReference @Curator . Here's my lazy Sunday sketch from it with some strange light and color effects from my crappy phone cam ;)

#MastoArt #traditionalart #watercolor

RT @RARohde@twitter.com

Each transaction recorded to Bitcoin's distributed ledger currently uses ~640 kWh of electricity, or roughly the amount needed to drive a Tesla 2,200 miles (3,500 km).

Bitcoin's baked-in inefficiencies that make it bad for anyone concerned about climate.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RARohde/status/136

Heavy metal legends and outspoken copyright maximalists Metallica played a concert on Twitch, only to find their audio replaced with royalty-free chiptune library music by an automated copyright filter:



Renewable energy not as simple as projected


A great essay, dissecting the problems seen in Texas with the current energy crisis. Coming from Europe, where renewable energy is not considered a socialist hoax, the article showed something I had never thought about: the inability of renewables to be effective during extreme weather.

Being progressive is good, but at times a more conservative approach can literally keep the lights on.

(via secondary hackernews link)

My code now runs on two planets and in space.

Having updated to the latest KDE, I was happy to see it actually works on wayland now. I'm still on X11, not all my tools work on wayland yet, but it's getting closer.

Now XWayland is being split off from Xorg. This is the beginning of the end of Xorg. It really is dying...


This can be great button on your phone to identify masked burglars sneaking around your house.. tap mactrack button & you have their phone mac address/brand name along w/*every wifi network* SSID they have saved printed on your screen. Then ctrl+c drops you to an SSID search where you can find the street address/GPS of their saved SSID's. I talk about solutions as well: #Linux #Python #Phosh #Pinephone #Mobian #MACaddress I will add more controls updates soon! #OSINT: buymeacoffee.com/politictech/m

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Fwupd is one of the most exciting pieces of software in the last couple of years.

All non-export controlled public firmware is now also mirrored onto the IPFS, how cool is that?



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