Having updated to the latest KDE, I was happy to see it actually works on wayland now. I'm still on X11, not all my tools work on wayland yet, but it's getting closer.

Now XWayland is being split off from Xorg. This is the beginning of the end of Xorg. It really is dying...

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@qwxlea When I see, "beginning of the end of..." I don't know if you are correct or wrong, but just as I sip my tea, using "ugly" xscreensaver, (as bugs in other screen savers turn up) I expect that the Wayland crowd may be underestimating how much pain we had to go through to get a working X11 in the first place. I expect that I'll switch to Orbital before I adopt Wayland, (but time will tell.)


It looks like the developers have moved on / are moving on, which is a pretty clear indicator. And it's not the first time we moved to something half finished, right?!? (gnome, kde, pulse-audio)

But, considering that on free software it is possible to keep old stuff alive for a very long time (xscreensaver is 28 years old!), it's probably going to be around for a while.

OK, I'm going back to my brand-new Emacs build...

And have me a cup of green 🍵

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