will become an absolute necessity in the near future. Having all the supply chain completely fucked up and prices all over increasing like never before, people will need to learn how to do stuff themselves instead of pulling a credit card.

reply to uncaptioned image 

@riveck hi there! I recognize this poster, because it was hung up at my old school.

sadly, I can't boost this due to this image not being captioned with the text contained within. please consider captioning images in the future.

@riveck stuff like #framework laptop are steps in the right direction! Now if we finally get a daily driver usable linux phone we would be millions times better than where we are now.


Those of us who choose devices that can be repaired already have this "right" without depending on governments to provide it. Make better choices people. Support those who give you what you want without being legally mandated to do so.

@riveck Repair is not always sustainable. Some repairs require new resources and extraction

@dualhammers @riveck In which cases it's *usually* still a win to manufacture just the broken component rather than re-manufacturer the whole device... Assuming ofcourse those are the two options, which yes is a dangerous assumption.

@alcinnz @riveck True, but it's inaccurate to say "Repair is sustainable" in a blanket sense

@dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck No, that's not inaccurate. Of course there is new material in the picture when repairing, even if it is only a screw, glue or gas for welding. That is not the point. Also if something is completely destroyed it might not be feasible to repair (i.E. a broken chassis on a car which has to pass inspection), but still the thought of repairing FIRST is sustainable. Let's not divert energy from the topic here.

@aramloosman @alcinnz @riveck My point is that "sustainable" has a meaning. It implies that the production of the ecology keeps up with the demand.

Depending on the repairs the extraction could outstrip the ecology. It might require a non-renewable resource, it might require too much of a resource, etc.

Confused about the thoughts part. "Thoughts are sustainable" isn't what is written on the poster.

@aramloosman @alcinnz @riveck

It's not a diversion of energy to suggest we create a poster that makes sense. Otherwise the only people who will be convinced are people who already agree.

@dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck I agree that questioning smth on a poster is not a diversion of energy.
I was under the impression you questioned repairing stuff as a whole, but I must've misread!

@dualhammers @aramloosman @alcinnz @riveck first I thought you were just being obtuse but you're right, there are a LOT of problems with this poster, especially in the "only convincing those who already agree" department
It doesn't explain or justify ANY of it's points, doesn't even make a case for them, it literally says they are "held to be self-evident"
Seems rather masturbatory rather than actually trying to dispense any information

@dualhammers @aramloosman @alcinnz @riveck also side note the best way to learn how a microwave works is NOT by taking it apart
Do NOT take microwaves apart

@Fourteen @dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck
Are you trying to prove a point? Because you do the same with this comment. You invalidate something somebody else did/wrote without backing your statements up with evidence or proposals for change.
I would not expect "proof" on a poster given that there is very limited space available.

But I would be interested if you could give information on misleading information and/or proposals on how to change it to be less "masturbatory"...

@Fourteen @dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck
Alright, we leave it at that, then.

I am not interested in letting this discussion derail into something ugly.

@aramloosman @dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck I can tell you're mad, I'd be more interested in discussing this with you if you weren't so overemotional about poster design

@dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck Okay, this might be a language barrier thing. I understood it as "To repair (instead of buy the same thing anew) is sustainable".
Of course this is not true for every product in every state. A broken coal power plant should be dismanteled and be replaced by a more sustainable method of power generation.
This is what I meant with the thought of repairing stuff. It *should* be an option, you *should* consider it, you *should* be able/allowed to do it.

@aramloosman @dualhammers @alcinnz @riveck Gets tricky with old computer hardware too, once you factor in energy consumption, where you get your electricity from, plus heat output and how that affects your HVAC bills.

Sure, you can repair a PDP-11 and run Unix on it, but at 2kW or more plus cooling costs how long would it take before the emissions impact exceeded that of a new Raspberry Pi running on 6W or less?

@mathew @aramloosman @dualhammers @alcinnz can we all agree that repair is usually a better option? Sure there are exceptions and edge cases, that's not the point 😁

@riveck @mathew @aramloosman @dualhammers @alcinnz

Repair is more sustainable!

Even more sustainable would be more or less to stop existing and consuming at all ;-)

@Calypso1 @riveck @mathew @aramloosman @dualhammers @alcinnz

I'm upgrading my repair capabilities! I have my Sherline lathe and mill, and have already done my first repair--a 1930's or 1940's (no date stamp, that's the age range of the product line) rolling pin. The handles were binding, so I had to get the handle loos from the pin body, turn them down on the lathe, re-saturate them with food grade wax, and reassemble.

Do the Repair A and Repair B scenarios mean you make these repairs so extend the device's life to 5 years, so the per-year impact for those is also over 5 years?

@clacke No, those are two different scenarios (page 14).

The 5 years "usage scenario" contains a battery replacement, nothing else.

@alcinnz @dualhammers @aramloosman @riveck

@riveck ,Agreeded :)

I Think Whatever #CEX Stores Still Open/Left In #Uk ,Try To Repair Laptops, Tablets, Smartphone Mobiles, From Memory,


#GiffGaff / #GiffGaffMobile ,As A Partner Who They Trust To Fix Smartphone Mobiles 📱 Only ,I Believe From Memory Too :/ 🤔

Also: #FairPhones / #FairPhone ,Been Slowly Growing Too & On 2nd Or 3rd Makes Now, & Some Others Too :)

Yes We Must Change For Plant Earth 🌎, Local Environments, & Ethics, Costs, Repairable & Upgradeable Too 😀 :)

@riveck I did more repairs when I was younger but now I just reach for the credit card instead of learning how to do BGA soldering or hunt down components from shady sellers.

@riveck what about tesla cars where u by access to hardware u alrrady have 3:
Building a local industrial supply chains has a compatible mission - the supply chain of expert pools, raw materials, process capacity, warehouse and transportation. The whole thing is founded on barter / crypto.

@riveck The home coffee grinder provided by the company Baratza is a great example of a product that uses repairability as a selling point:

They build the machine to be easily repaired, easy to swap parts in, you can order individual parts from them, and then have guides on how to replace each piece.


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