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I have to say, it's pretty great how:
A) The Fediverse is quick to block Trump's fork and instance of Mastodon that violates the AGPL3 licensing
B) Said licensing violation might result in yet another lawsuit against a looney and
C) Hacktivists were quick to find a way to claim 45's handle

Maybe if we announce that Buzzfeed's shutting down, Buzzfeed will announce
that it's shutting down.
-One_Lurker, Mar 2015

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 is amazing! Why did I not watch it for sooo long?

monthly maintenance happening on - There might be some hiccups in the next hour...

What’s the size limit for toot attachments?

Can it be changed?

@Gargron Could we potentially rename Mastodon users to people?

Make it say “Discover People” is what I’m proposing.

just completely fucking dumbfounded by this robot amazon announced recently. $999 for this thing. it's just a goddamn alexa on wheels and a shitton of cameras. it can't handle stairs. the advertising has it patrolling your house for intruders (you know like a fucking set of security cameras can already do if you're that paranoid). amazon is not even trying to hide their intentions with this thing. i have never seen something more worthy of a platinum internet of shit medal. jesus christ

This time next week, we will be in the middle of #ShellCon

some good #InfoSec and career presentations will be done with more on the way

#RaiseMe will have had a bunch of #CareerCounseling sessions with even more the next day


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