This instance was built to provide another home for the global InfoSec community.

It is run in a distributed architecture using PaaS and IaaS components from AWS. It was designed to be speedy, available and secure.

I myself am an InfoSec practitioner living in the SF Bay Area. My human interface supports English and German.

Have FUN and stay SAFE!

@thegibson Thanks. Any tips on finding like minded folks on Mastodon?

@seb here at we have a bunch. is a good community

@tek has some good folks over there.

@seb If you're starting off fresh, having a discovery account on one of the more well-connected instances is useful, if only to see who is posting on a hashtag from somewhere your instance can't see yet. As for relevant hashtags, #infosec has some activity (though I think that has declined somewhat compared to earlier on). I don't know, are people still doing FollowFriday lists? That (or "ff") may be hashtags worth looking for to find groups of active people.



One nice thing I found was how to create a feed of all the hashtags that are relevant to me in a separate column of the mastodon web app. (This requires you to activate the advanced interface in your preferences)

If you search for a hashtag, you can turn it into a permanent column by clicking on the settings icon on the top right, and then on "pin". Then the option "Include additional tags for this column" appears and you can add all the hashtags you're interested in.

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