community! I predict national firewalls completely segmenting the Internet within the next 10y. What will be the FREE alternative Internet? Will there even be one?

@seb the problem with creating a free alternative to the internet is the infrastructure involved

unless you can convince everyone around you to let you run wires around the place, it's not gonna happen

@sylveon @seb long range wireless would make things like that easier, that way you wouldn't have to get everyone on board, just a few people in geographically advantageous positions

or use IP over trebuchet

@troubleMoney @seb you really think that a government that censors the internet that much wouldn't also heavily control any consumer wireless stuff?

@sylveon @seb I was thinking more like cantennas and other DIY options than off-the-shelf solutions

@troubleMoney @seb even a cantenna can't go more than a mile at best

and in a dystopian scenario, they'd likely be actively trying to block unauthorized wireless communications

in the end, our best option is probably just to vote for people who won't censor the internet

@seb I would bet money you’re right. Alternatives will involve alternatives to DNS.

@seb a method of resolving that doesn’t involve fake nonprofits (ICANN) or manipulation by for profits.

@sillystring @seb

Silly string has got it... a combination of TOR-like functionality, and direct IP/ Dns alternatives.

@thegibson @sillystring What if you need a visa to cross digital borders?

@seb @thegibson @sillystring lol, everything is locked by SSO and you have to contact your local admin to gain access to other routes via approval and background check .

@seb @thegibson @sillystring Like, each IP packet has to be signed with a key, issued for each citizen. The social score is taken into account in the routing rules.

@sillystring @seb @TheGibson I was always saddened that the only really ideal use of blockchains, Namecoin, never took off.
There've been a few good ideas since, but Namecoin seemed like the prototypical "good use of blockchain" and it kinda got forgotten fast.

@seb No, next there will be just biometric locks on every door, and a lot of such doors.


1) Internet overlay networks like Yggdrasil.
2) Satellite Internet access
3) Short-distance radio networks
4) Long-distance radio networks

@kravietz @seb came here to suggest IP over long range AM or similar

3-4 wouldn't work in Cuba. The state sometimes jams signals

@seb You might have heard of Freifunk? They try to do this to a certain degree. Building a self-sufficient network infrastructure. But in most cases, it doesn't work that well, due to missing participation and simply large distances.

AFAIK the largest physical network is based on cjdns. Maybe that's an idea. 🤷

@seb we’ll never know what it’s called and it’s probably already in place ;)

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