Blocking the email domains seems to be very effective against the Bot creators.

I'm collecting email domains now, so it gets easier to block this madness. If you have any that aren't listed yet, send them to me and I will add them to the list.


@seb Spotted a few more email domains:

@neil Thank you! I added them to the list.

@seb Is there a way to do this from the command line?

@neil Haven’t had the time to look into that yet. If there is, we need to make sure that the cli command also resolves the MX records and adds them too just like the web interface does.

@tek Do you know?

@neil According to tootctl documentation there is no command that would allow multiple domains to the Email Domain Block list. I will open a feature request.

@seb I’ve just got one, it seems pretty garbled but whatever

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