Have a 4y old MacBook Pro. Thinking about running Manjaro on it - Any experiences anyone?

I can't say that I have but looking from the current status; posted two months ago, as linked by the official Arch wiki (should be the same experience for Manjaro), it seems as though Touch ID, Audio & Wifi (the latter excludes models that don't have the Touch Bar, which should be working) seems to be non-functional. A solution for the audio problem would be using usb/hdmi/bluetooth alternatives, though it would be kinda choppy with bluetooth.


Your welcome. Out of curiousity, did you installed it, beforehand?

This applies for the new models. Pre-2016 model, would have no issues running on Linux.

@Jared I di not try yet. But I will - Wish me luck! 😃

Wish you the best for your newly found adventure 😎.
Have you used Linux previously, before?

@Jared Yes 😃 I have been using Linux for 20+ years. My favorite personal laptop is a pinebook pro with Manjaro ARM. I also have Manjaro powered Lenovo X1 Yoga at work and admin a good amount of Linux servers.

Interesting. How did you arrive at Manjaro to being your distro of choice :manjaro: ?

Also sorry for all the questions :'l .

@Jared No worries - Happy to have a conversation.

Well, I only actually use it for use cases that involve using a desktop. I tend to re-install the OS of my devices frequently and the Manjaro desktop comes in very close to what I need in terms of design and practicality out of the box. I only have to adjust a small amount of things.

For servers I prefer Ubuntu and RHEL/CentOS because most software is well maintained in their repositories.

What is your distro of choice?

I am still a newbie in Linux. I don't have a favourite distro, all of them are great 😎.
Currently I have OpenSUSE and LMDE 4 on my laptops and Manjaro on my desktop, which I might change to Arch with AwesomeWM in the future, since I've never used a tiling window manager before.

@Jared Very cool. I have started my Linux experiences with SUSE and Debian back then.

@Jared Yes, back in the early 2000's. I do like re-installing the OS to a device but I do not enjoy spending that much time on the task ;-)

@Jared It can be. But I enjoy tinkering with network protocols more.

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