Here is an employee owned company’s business model that seems to have some ethical roots:

And here are their reasons to not open source all of vivaldi:

All of this seems pragmatic and ethical to me. - Any other opinions on that?

@seb so because their brand (the UX) is so fragile, the code must stay closed source. That just tells me trying to go back to making a business from a browser like it’s 1997 again might have not been the right move, no?

@lucas Interesting thought.

I was thinking that browsers became so complex that you need to have some kind of business (which can pay the developers) to even create one. Employee owned businesses seem like a good choice for such endavours. However, reading their post about open sourcing makes me wonder if employee owned also means super cautious and hesitant.

@seb Damn good thread! Thanks for the suggestion!

@seb The business model sounds nice.
Slightly different topic: I'm a little disappointed that vivaldi is also based on chromium, which might soon be true for "every" browser out there (see mozilla giving up on servo

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