@seb This looks pretty cool. I need an upgrade in the nearish future anyway....

@seb It sounds amazing. I'd be a little happier if were an ARM64 instead of an x86, but it has a modular mainboard so that won't necessarily be a problem forever.

The idea seem the next x230, but i'm afraid to get parts if the startup is down..

@seb Too bad the parts probably aren't standardized and won't be in a long time, so you're fully dependent on Framework anyway.

But still that's a big advantage over other laptops.

@seb hello 👋, but what price?? That the question too.

@seb No doubts this is easier to service and upgrade than other x86 machines.

However, I don't like their bold marketing and platform choice: A x86 machine with a 11th gen Intel CPU that needs the vendor's FSP blobs (and others) is certainly not "all 100% yours".

Also, I fear that this project repeats the mistakes done by #fairphone - they design hardware for longetivity but ship a mainboard that highly depends on a vendor that is likely to stop updates for their blobs in the future.

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