I predict that Cyber-Impact-Mgmt will become a very lucrative specialization for IT infrastructure architects in the next couple of years.

@rysiek @seb

We've got those on our team... May have to rename their title.

@rysiek (Re-)Architecting IT infrastructures in a way that allows you to respond/contain incidents with a measured deactivation/isolation of systems.

@rysiek Without having to shutdown the Internet for the whole location/data center every time you have an active adversary on the network.

@seb that totally sounds like a fun role, if there is enough buy-in from management and the rest of devops/sysops

@rysiek Yep, similar to a purple team member but more on the infrastructure architect side.

@rysiek buy-in from Management comes with the second cyber induced large scale outage at the latest ;-)

@seb can you pls define what you mean by Cyber-Impact-Mgmt ?

@duncanhart I think it is a combination of network (micro-)segmentation, privilege access management, infrastructure high availability, vuln mgmt, patch mgmt.

All of these disciplines applied to specific application stacks or services that organization cannot effort downtime for.

@duncanhart From a management objective perspective you are trying to break apart a risk domain. That is when a specific business unit has more or less risk appetite than the rest of the org.

@duncanhart You are taking care of the risk introduced by John Wayne from the Marketing team.

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