If one would develop a tool for that makes executing the following tasks easier:
1. Review New Users and remove Spam accounts
2. Review and process Reports

What form should be?

@seb It would have to cover all operating systems to be a viable choice IMO. That means WebApp, though CLI might work if its designed to work on the three major OSes

@seb cli tool because every tool that does "busy work" like that can eventually be partly, (or fully) automated and run from your single-board computer.

@seb it might sounds strange but I prefer to do such tasks on my phone. However, not in a browser as I reset my mobile browser regularly.

I think it's due to the format, but I'm not entirely sure.

@sheogorath Me too. I use those 3min waiting time in between to check for new spam accounts real quick.

@seb Has to work on a mobile — that rules our CLI. Has to be usable by people who don't know how use a CLI or don't even own a PC that has one — that also rules out CLI.

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