Image description - TCP Joke 

"Hi, I'd like to hear a TCP joke."
"Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?"
"OK, I'll tell you a TCP joke."
"Ok, I will hear a TCP joke."
"Are you ready to hear a TCP joke?"
"Yes, I am ready to hear a TCP joke."


Image description - part 2 

@seb Continued:
"Ok, I am about to send the TCP joke. It will last 10 seconds, it has two characters, it does not have a setting, it ends with a punchline."
"Ok, I am ready to get your TCP joke that will last 10 seconds, has two characters, does not have an explicit setting, and ends with a punchline."
"I'm sorry, your connection has timed out.
...Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?"



A random professor once walked in the room and my friend asked him to explain UDP vs. TCP.

He grabs all the dry erase markers from the board, and this happened:

Prof: "Would you like a marker?"
Student: "ok"
[prof tosses him a marker]
Prof: "Did you get the marker"
Student: "Yes"
[repeat until all markers are transmitted and acknowledged]

Then the professor takes the markers back and says "and this is how UDP works!" and throws all the markers at once, without warning, and my friend catches zero of them.

I never forgot TCP vs. UDP from then on. And I wasn't even remotely a compoooter major at the time*

*but it was a physical computing/Arduino class, which 100% set me on the path that I am on now...

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