I wonder if preserving technology and laws will advance to a point that will allow my children to remove the pictures of themselves from their parent’s friends iCloud and Google accounts one day.

@Em0nM4stodon @seb they all use facial recognition already. Why can't I say "delete all current and future photos of me" and not have to notify of every photo I may or may not see/have access to? (Not actually asking why. I know why -- but it sure would be nice if that was a thing -- like a "do not call" list for faces on cloud providers but actually enforced.)

@beep @seb I also would love a “Do Not Face” option.

Let’s bring this up as a recommendation in the next public consultations of our respective localities’ privacy laws! Biometrics data collection and retention is in urgent need for better regulations.

@seb IMO, the technology already exists. Whether it will be deployed will depend on (a) whether it's possible to solve---technically and/or legally---very tricky edge cases (on top of my head: photos of just one of a pair of identical twins, lookalikes, when is a person a "child", false positives, false negatives, ...), (b) whether Google etc have found a way to monetise such photos and (c) whether there is enough pulic pressure on those companies to make them care enough to spend the resources.

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