Wanted to code something in for fun, created this: codeberg.org/cyberseb/mastogra

It uses your creds to connect to your instance's api and download your followers. Then it counts the followers per instance and puts them onto a graph.

Please don't judge my code - Not a coder by trade 😉

WannaCry was one of the first pieces of (of type ransomware) that took advantage of the EternalBlue vulnerability, which was made public by the Shadow Brokers after they failed to sell it for a high price.

In May 2017 a large outbreak encrypted something like 300k Windows computers. The attack has been attributed to the Lazarus Group - A state-sponsored hacking group out of North Korea.


@thegibson @tek @ajroach42 @angristan @snder I'm seeing clusters of IP addresses from Russia registering bots at a rate of 1/hour on my two instances. Looks to me that someone is preparing to influence the Fediverse.

Do you see the same?


What's up with these Russian Bots showing up in multiples?

Installed Manjaro ARM 20.02 onto the built-in emmc yesterday. Now that it supports sleep (S2), it became the best distro for

@ihabunek Thanks for creating toot! I recently got a pro and get a UnicideEncodeError from output.py. Any idea on what is missing on my system?

Analyzed IP traffic to ioc.exchange in December 2019 and put it on a globe...

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