One of the three pictures drawn in this evening's session. I called it "Future SecOps Tech".
(I know that MS Sentinel is very close to this today already...)

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Big Welcome to all the new people on !

We also hit 1k active individuals for the first time ever - Keep posting everyone but stay nice!

Your instance admin might boost a lot of cool content lately (I'm definitely guilty of that behavior). It is done with good intent but can be annoying.
Luckily Mastodon has a feature that allows you to suppress boosts of specific users. Feel free to use it to shape your timeline towards what works for you.
This platform is made for you!

I did not expect the mobile apps to be such a big source for sign-ups.

In case you are looking for a cleaner and faster mastodon interface on your computer:

potential mastodon politics 

Here is a screenshot of the community/local timeline in the beta version of the official Mastodon iPhone app.

It was put into the search/explore section. This app is definitely made for super large instances.

Looks like we - the of <10k instances - will have a unique selling point with our local communities and the benefits that come with it.

#mastoadmin stuff 

Looks like a thing to do during low traffic hours. Anyone any experience on the database load for the remote user culling task?

Today definitely created a spike in activity. Will see what happens tomorrow, now that we have the sign-up gate wide open…

Good Morning !

Don’t forget about the new auto-purge feature in v3.5. You can now auto-delete your old toots for better

Browsing the this morning. A lot of German speaking victims lately, seems like they have learned how to navigate German Windows Server versions.

:elementary: install did not work on my new Intel NUC, so I installed :ubuntu: focal and added elementary repos to install elementary desktop. Looks like I created a bastard 😃

Ventoy is really cool - Why didn’t I hear about this awesome project before?

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