Anyone ever ran the Infection Monkey on an Enterprise scale network (10k+ hosts)?

The Bangladesh Bank Heist - Lazarus Group at work - Interesting story on Darknet Diaries

Building anon vm for tor research. Tried TailsOS - Didn’t like it. Not convinced of the Whonix architecture (yet). Installing BunsenLabs right now as an lightweight desktop with vpn and tor.

Any other ideas for a tor browser running vm in Virtualbox?

Did anyone ever see a comparison of cyber maturity by industry? Meaning something that says...

most mature: Defense Contractor

2nd: Finance

3rd: Manufacturing


Second to Last: Hospitality

Last: Education

When your red team engagement produces targeted malware that is discussed on security blogs...

Was able to spin applying IPS signatures to prevent exploitation of a vuln as a nice service to my sysadmins, who aren't sure whether they can apply an immature patch quickly enough.
They really appreciated the extra time to figure out fixing the vuln.

Don't think this will change InfoSec's perception from a Taker to a Giver but it is a start.

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