Pro-actively searching through and correlating logs in your SIEM and cyber tools we call Threat Hunting. What does one call pro-actively searching through and correlating threat intel? Is it just the creation of more threat intel or is there a word/phrase for it?

community! I predict national firewalls completely segmenting the Internet within the next 10y. What will be the FREE alternative Internet? Will there even be one?

community! What is your favorite GRC tool?

Finally got around adding all these TI links into a wiki page:

It already includes a good amount of TI resources but will be updated every time I run across something cool.

Why do you think the NSA is telling us to patch that trust vuln right away?

This is an actively exploited attack vector and slowly becoming mainstream! If you haven't put protection (CASB) in place yet, do it now.

If your organization cannot afford Enterprise grade DNS security tools, have a look at

Looking to add some more miners to our minemeld ( instance. Anyone had a lot of success and can recommend one or two sources? Any bad experiences with any of the default miners?

Anyone have a good tool that makes searching through Windows Server DNS Debug Logs easy?

The excitement you feel when your SOC reports the first phishing email that found a way around ATP Safe Links...

When your MSP downloads random tools onto your production servers that trip your AV... *sigh*

Operation Glowing Symphony | If you are into stories about US Cyber Command + Anonymous, this is the coolest podcast episode ever!

The Ultimate Phishing Defense KPI or how to show that your phishing defense is worth the money.

Which attack vector do you worry most about? (reply if other)

Are you building a team and are in need of a toolset that allows multiple analysts to collaborate on cases and observables/offenses/notables?

Check out the Hive Project:

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