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What do your standing agendas look like for your weekly meetings?

Here is ours:
1. [5 – 15 min] Chatter
2. [5 min] SOC Escalations last 7d
3. [5 min] TI Updates
4. [5 min] New Detections & Procedures & Docs
5. [5 min] Dashboards/Reports
6. [5 – 25 min] Project Updates

Remember when those Executives told us to think about how can enable the business to be more flexible, innovative, and expand?

With all these ransomware incidents lately, this question has been answered…

…the answer is: You should have fucking listened to your experts!

Looking for Red Teamers who want to contribute to .

We are in need for structure in the Red Team Knowledge Base (RTKB).

Explained the concept of a DMZ to a junior team member today. Used the Zoom whiteboard and drew two countries with mutual/opposing borders. He got it right away.

What are concepts that you find yourself explaining to others? What cool analogies do you use?

Do you believe that there are more medical terms (patient zero) than military terms (DMZ) being used in ?

Started a new project…

Thought the world needs an knowledge base that makes it easier for people to enter the profession or advance their careers. We need more people to help keep computers safe.

Let me know, if you’d like to join the project and help!

Are you working in and wish that it would be easier to exchange experiences and defense tactics?

We currently have two open cyber engineer positions - One in Ireland and one in US (HQ in SF Bay Area). DM me for more info!

Is cyberspace burning a little hotter today or is it just me?

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