Hello! I was looking for a mastodon instance for topics and people.
I'm a computer security student and I enjoy play ctf and wargames with friends.
My fauvorite topics are binary and .

backend has been updated.
done - Sorry for the quick disruption of service.

like a lot of nerds who got access to a DOS machine some time in the 90s and started poking around looking for something, anything of interest before being on the internet all the time was really an option, i wrote some qbasic games.

qbasic trader was going to be my magnum opus. a supremely unoriginal clone of _taipan_, which i'd first played on the apple II.

it's a pretty bad game, but i'm still kind of proud of the pixel art.

@jgoerzen I saw some other toots of people getting the same reaction from fb.

Paul Frazee (SSB, Beaker) is introducing yet again his new project, Atek "a home cloud that uses peer-to-peer tech to connect you to anyone"


@hackernews @protonmail @rysiek @sequoiapgp @delta @Tutanota @Erik I agree that there are shortcomings in SMTP (which btw has the word simple in its name) and email in general.
However, telling everyone to stop using encrypted email is like asking everyone to send all physical mail on postcards and abandon envelopes.

cat cdir-thailand.txt | awk '/^[^#]/ { print $1 }' | sudo xargs -I {} ufw deny from {} to any

spend some time with xfce this evening - love it!

Just watched the Ray Ban video with Zuckerberg and the Ray Ban head of wearables - The creepiest video I have watched in a very long time!

Once again, in light of the protonmail revelations, it’s not private unless you run it yourself.

Discovered Aurora app store last night. Really handy for ungooglefied Android devices.

Got upset with unreliable WiFi drivers for my MacBook Pro in Fedora. Now on Xubuntu - Let’s see if it can break the record of continuous use…

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