@baynoni That really depends on your point of view in terms of government’s role. In the US there are many, many people who want to absolutely minimize government involvement in there lives.

I love this ambivalence among privacy professionals of wanting to connect with each other over the net but also wanting to flex their craft and go totally dark as a matter of walking the walk 😂


(Also, thanks to @kengoodwin@twitter.com for this one, it made my Saturday morning!)

Hello world . Let me introduce myself ,I'm John Melody, a senior software engineer of a company in Malaysia. How are you guys doing?

@baynoni Ask open questions during the interview. You can ask them how the cyber team/department is structured. How they would assess their cyber maturity level? If they have always used framework xyz (often NIST CSF) to lead their cyber strategy? Get them to talk a lot and then listen and learn.

What do you prefer to use?

@julialuna there is no sound in space because astronauts only use linux

Big thanks to everyone who attended my talk about #theTubes today - the archived video of me rambling for 45 minutes is available here (h/t @c0debabe for the quick link action): video.hackers.town/videos/watc

Also a huge thanks to @ryen for the invite and making it all happen!

as promised, I've uploaded the slide deck from my presentation yesterday about #theTubes

you can find it at thetubes.club/presentation/

thetubes.club/ is also the new home of the scant documentation I've thrown together so far, but now that I spent money on a domain there's a higher likelihood that I'll clean it up more from here on out ;)

Hello all, I'm a law student in NYC looking to specialize in cybersecurity and fintech. Per @freemo 's recommendation I'm tagging seven of my interests :)

Anyone here familiar with Arch Linux? I just installed it and have been tinkering around, love to see people's very unique and inspiring UI designs.

Hello. I'm new on Mastodon. Some French people here? :)

@awokencitizen you’ll have to follow a couple of folks on other instances to get your home timeline filled. A lot of folks post in unlisted mode.

Our federal timeline should have a good amount of infosec folks on it...

@c0njur3r Welcome to IOC.exchange !

We have a Getting Started Guide here: guide.ioc.exchange

Have Fun !!!

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