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Denizens of the Fediverse:

Those of you who're worried about contracting #covid19... if you need help, you are going to reach out to the Fediverse and ask if you can, right?


We're here for each other.


Anyone doing a vendor risk assessment before allowing IM Federation?

@foxroot Welcome to! You can find our Getting Started Guide here: Have FUN and stay SAFE!

@Anaemic Welcome to! You can find our Getting Started Guide under .

Have FUN and stay SAFE!

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If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

seb :pine64: :manjaro: boosted consists solely of Creative Commons licenses works. The obvious is that we can avoid a c&d from the RIAA this way, but the truth is less sinister. These are artists who took the creative risk of the road less traveled, and they are great!

We stan them, And hope you enjoy them too.


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Just read that my new ISP assigns huge subnets to each home. Looked at some devices at my house and realized that they all got a public IPv6 address. PANICKED FOR A BIT but then discovered that my router's IPv6 firewall has been active by default. Verified by opening ssh on one of my boxes temporarily and testing from cell - Good! Works as expected.

Now I'm happy about the ability to allow traffic to specific boxes on my home network without having to NAT. Fancy new IPv6 World!

has become a great rabbit hole again - Makes me happy!

Who is going to be follower #200?

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Have you seen the apps you can use with #Mastodon? See for more info!

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