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Submit a proposal, get published in a book

An alternative to a large conference (400+ attendees) or a virtual event.

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Dragon is docking! Pull up the NASA TV if you're interested.

Livefeed is up.

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These are websites that open TCP connections to you when you visit them:

I bet their scanners aren’t very well tested or fuzzed, compared to their websites.

I wonder what they do with payloads you send them.

I bet it would be really freaking hard to prosecute anything bad (from their POV) that came from it. “It sounds like you went out of your way to connect to the defendant’s computer and ask it to send you data. How’s it their fault that your scanner was broken?”

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The drawer under your stove is not originally intended for storing extra cookware, but for keeping cooked food warm during meal preparation.

Original tweet :

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@MagicalRobotUnicorn Welcome to!

You can find our Getting Started Guide here:

Stay Safe and Have FUN!

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Movie/TV Computer Security Explained

Except for some high budget, technically accurate releases, most Hollywood productions generalize security terms for the masses. Here's the translation:

Encryption --> firewall
Password protection --> firewall
Bio-metrics --> firewall
Passkey protection --> firewall
2 factor authentication --> firewall
VPN --> firewall
Firewall --> firewall

Example: "We need Agent X's passkey to break the fifth and final encrypted firewall and access the system."

SLAMMER spread itself in January of 2003 and caused some DOS on the Internet worldwide. It exploited a known vulnerability (MS02-039) in MS SQL for which a patch has been available for 6 months.

The malicious code was 376 Bytes long and spread itself through UDP port 1434 with a single packet.

Since it didn’t write anything to disk, it was super easy to clean up.

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happy #MastoMonday

today i've got somethin special for yall

a mastodon instance for folks who love to cook!!!

it's now offically open for signups (by approval) - please put any existing account you consider your "main" in the signup notes to help me approve!!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OTHER ADMINS: this instance will be posting un CW'd food, please feel free to silence the instance if you don't want that on your fedi timeline!!!

love y'all!!

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Who is going to be follower #300 ?

Thank you for being such an awesome space!

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Interesting. I found this free open source dynamic DNS service.

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Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

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hi fediverse!

i'm wondering if there's a good, straight-forward tool out there for two-person collaboration and discussion.

i'm thinking something like Slack with a collaborative writing environment like google docs with maybe a side order of a wiki for organizing resources?

not for a huge team, though. just for little teams. i this case it's just me and my writing mentee.

WannaCry was one of the first pieces of (of type ransomware) that took advantage of the EternalBlue vulnerability, which was made public by the Shadow Brokers after they failed to sell it for a high price.

In May 2017 a large outbreak encrypted something like 300k Windows computers. The attack has been attributed to the Lazarus Group - A state-sponsored hacking group out of North Korea.

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