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Very nice session on

So many hidden features. Here thumbnail view after 'ls'

Raspbian silently added repo to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscode.list and added /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/microsoft.gpg
This removes all trust in RaspberryPi as an org. and shows @EbenUpton as ITIL incompetent. wouldn't have pulled this sort of abuse. I guess they don't want anyone using RaspberryPi anymore. (This will damage the UK computing industry for decades.)

@seb Well ... they are called daemons for a reason. If the movies taught me one thing, it's that you should never trust daemons 🤓

🎥 knowledge

Hi folks, I'm based in Scotland and I want to make a transition from studying as data analyst to working in infosec. Hoping to rejuvenate my interest in cyber-security and coding, I spend too much time on figuring out game design and making board game prototypes. Switching between different types of creative projects to keep my brain from frying.

[quip] Please remember to always consult your doctor before refactoring.

(ES) Nueva herramienta de cibercrimen permite crear páginas de phishing en tiempo real


(EN) New cybercrime tool can build phishing pages in real-time

The new LogoKit phishing kit has already been spotted on more than 700 unique domains over the past month.

Anyone willing to privately share experiences with inter org CTI sharing?

Is cyberspace burning a little hotter today or is it just me?

Are there any software defined radio communities on the ?

When my brain can't find something to be grateful of, I remember that I'm lucky to have found before I started on the third rewrite of my backup script.

In light of a recent report from Google's TAG, I'm like to remind everyone of the importance of verifying trust. According to TAG, North Korean attackers have been posing as security researchers to steal research and obtain vulnerability information they can exploit.

TAG also discovered the same attackers have been exploiting a zero-day in Chrome on Windows.

I created this account a few days ago (maybe a week?), but haven't introduced myself yet. So, I'm doing that now.

I'm a security and privacy researcher, and a blogger. My primary focus is cryptography, but I work in all aspects of privacy and security. I do a lot of code review, pentesting, and red team assessments.

For anyone interested, my blog is available at

Android apps in 2021:

It's good to take an inventory of what you're using. This is my current setup on my phone.

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