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I'm developing a Linux hardening script. The goal is to develop the most secure system possible, while not sacrificing usability.

It’s #2021

What is the best ?

Please reply for other...

It’s #2021

What is the best ?

Please reply for other...

And, if you're the type who loves kicking it old school, I'm still selling msync on floppy disk! Just printed up a fresh batch of labels with the new version number on 'em.

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@GreyLinux I'd really like to see @PINE64 do a #Pinecroft. I think they could put something together quickly that would be inexpensive and just as functional. They've got a lot more experience with hardware than Mycroft does, and the software is already being taken care of. Most of Mycroft is off the shelf anyway, so I wouldn't expect it to take much.

hello fellow humans, how is covid going for you?
i am at my botcave for 360 day's now and still now end in sight.

Openstreetmap, being a nerd, is one of the fun-things on my phone, celebrated it's 100 millionth change-set, amazing!

To see change-sets in real-time:

They also have weekly news which is fun to read (nerd fun, that is):

Yo! $DayJob is looking for to recruit security researchers, developers, engineers team leaders and more to join the team. Seriously...hit me up and I can give you more intel.

Undergrad comp sci student, into computers and learning more about info/cyber security (not likely to become unimportant topics anytime soon) part time IT currently. West coast. Looking to learn things and meet peoples

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