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Hello world . Let me introduce myself ,I'm John Melody, a senior software engineer of a company in Malaysia. How are you guys doing?

What do you prefer to use?

@julialuna there is no sound in space because astronauts only use linux

Big thanks to everyone who attended my talk about #theTubes today - the archived video of me rambling for 45 minutes is available here (h/t @c0debabe for the quick link action):

Also a huge thanks to @ryen for the invite and making it all happen!

as promised, I've uploaded the slide deck from my presentation yesterday about #theTubes

you can find it at is also the new home of the scant documentation I've thrown together so far, but now that I spent money on a domain there's a higher likelihood that I'll clean it up more from here on out ;)

Hello all, I'm a law student in NYC looking to specialize in cybersecurity and fintech. Per @freemo 's recommendation I'm tagging seven of my interests :)

Anyone here familiar with Arch Linux? I just installed it and have been tinkering around, love to see people's very unique and inspiring UI designs.

Hello. I'm new on Mastodon. Some French people here? :)

Hello hello, I'm brand new to Mastodon and federated decentralized social networking. How's it going out there in infosec land?

Checking out Mastodon... finished Greenwald's 2014 NSA book and looking to reduce my dependence on corporate surveillance apps and move toward FOSS solutions in my life.

Meeting and exchanging war stories with peers is an excellent exercise of identifying where folks got lucky with defending and what a proper process would look like to successfully defend even with bad luck. Grateful for our local community here in the Bay Area.

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)


First time in the #fediverse and my first toot ever. A boomer with a passion for tech. Cross training into #golang from old legacy software.

Occasionally collect old computers. Have zx81, spectrum, spectrum+, spectrum+2, spectrum+3, amiga A500, acorn electron, bbc micro, dragon 32, commodore 64 and apple ][. All packed away in the loft with the apple g4 desktops waiting for me to have time to get them down and fire them up (not anytime soon).

Interested in most tech.

I have never used an open source social media site like this ,I think l will love it better than any facebook app. I am very excited because I am a FOSS lover myself 😀

#Focalboard is another FOSS alternative for #Notion, built by the Mattermost team. This looks promising, doesn't it?

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