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Good Morning! Today might be a good day to patch your systems and change your passwords...
...emails can wait until the afternoon.

Who knew that sidekiq has a nice mobile interface with a dark mode…

Weather has turned off Internet and ATT reception is poor 😞

Sidekik process was hanging. As a result the queues are a bit full. Working on improving throughput to get the queues worked down quicker. Will take a couple of hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Liquor store clerk: I’m gonna need to see some age verification

Me: Remember how you could convert single-sided floppies into double-sided ones with a hole punch?

Liquor store clerk: enjoy your purchase

I have decided to start moderating accounts that are used to automatically cross-post from the birdsite. More details in below blog post.

@Gargron Some of mastodon‘s greatness stems from the local communities on the smaller instances. The current iteration of the iOS apps do not really make use of that strength.

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@Gargron Spending some more time on official iOS mastodon app recently on iPad and iPhone. I really like the snappiness!
However, I have a hard time following what’s going on locally in the instance timeline. I understand that you don’t want to add the federated timeline due to the possibility of trash content being displayed, but it is likely that most users do want to see their local timeline.
Server Announcements would also be great for the local community to get.

This instance has been updated to the latest code. Enjoy v3.4.3 !

Dead serious #infosec career tip: learn to read NIST security publications. They're very clearly written and authoritative. "Can we use RSA-1028 here?" "Not according to NIS 800-57 Part 1." Like, that's an argument ender.

For another example: "How often do you rotate your passwords?" "Never unless compromised." "LOL, why?" "NIST 800-63B section says not to." Go ahead, explain why NIST is wrong.

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