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I ended up deleting my security-focused twitter account.

After looking through my history the last time I tweeted was a year ago. The time before that was 2 years before.

Was reading a lot of tweets, but didn't feel like interacting with any.

This was likely due to who I was following, but feel like Twitter like all commercial social media sites drive you to follow as many people and topics as possible to maximize interactions and ad views.

Everyone I know there follows hundreds of people

Anyway, I’ve spent most of the week with my head in our new(ish) Splunk ES cloud platform. Working on enabling around 100 use cases in the Active Directory Discovery and Active Directory Lateral Movement analytical stories. It’s been tedious but on the whole it’s coming together nicely.

One of the three pictures drawn in this evening's session. I called it "Future SecOps Tech".
(I know that MS Sentinel is very close to this today already...)

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If you upgraded to #Fedora 36 during the beta period, it's a good idea to run `dnf distro-sync` today.

Upgrading :fedora: from 35 to 36 was almost painless. Had to remove virtualbox temporarily and get one new :gnomewhite: extension. The new dark mode looks great!

I've done a brief write up of my experience over the last 2 weeks with the influx of sign ups and expansion of 😃 (I'm by no means a writer/blogger! Just documenting bits and pieces)

#mastoadmin #hosting #selfhosting #selfhost

I've heard about the "death of passwords" many times in my security career so far, but passwords have always outlived the other solutions.

But with Microsoft, Google, and Apple pushing FIDO, this time round might indeed be different!

My personal view is that it's a very solid technical solution (wouldn't expect anything else from these participants), but it risks leaving out important parts of the population (e.g., elderly, disabled, poor).

What do you think?

Grady Brooch: "The story of computing is the story of need and desire"

The following is inspired by that Grady Brooch quote.

When it comes to the world of Crypto, NFT's and DeFi I think it goes something like this.....

The story of Crypto is the story of greed and self interest. Add to that a touch of community, influence and occasionally the odd messiah complex and you ultimatley end up with a blockchain based titanic, on course with a web3 berg.

Best Web application audit proxy out there ?

alright imma give an #introduction also in en

hi! i am jana, i studied cs and i am a #dev, i live in #hamburg, i miss #kiel, the north and the sea. i adopted the most beautiful cats GOB and Buster. besides #arrestedDevelopment i also watch way too much #trashtv
i love #baking and #cooking and #travelling and #poledance and my #vinyl collection and #metal and #iLoveMyBalcony and all the #plants and the #beesHotel
and #saveThePlanet and #eatTheRich and #destroyCapitalism

curious to explore

#Metatext 1.5.1:

- Fixed emoji placement on iOS 15
- Fixed notification ordering issue

Now available:

⚠️ WARNING: Since the last release of Metatext, a shady company has begun releasing spyware/scams disguised as social networking software under the name “Meta”. Please ensure you only download authentic Metabolist software and not poor quality imitations ⚠️


Hi again fediverse! Since I'm moving my account to, now is high time for a #reintroduction :ablobblewobble:

I'm a non-binary (agender, he/they) self-learner, with #offsec and #websec as my main interests. Currently busy getting more certs and finding a job in this field :blobcatcoffee:

I also hunt bugs, hacking is the best way to learn!

My other interests include #urbex, #plants, #solarpunk, #anarchism, #music and #retrogaming.

Pleasure meeting you all <3

Provided some love to Tasks with improved offline support and getting a bit smarter keeping your tasks in sync. Feels soooo good to finally have some time contributing to @elementary again! ❤😍❤

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