@seb what’s your quarantine hacker/learning goal?

@seb what was that free url resource? Threat pulse or something like that?

@Shib @seb i’m finally caught up and oh man, it’s pretty fun

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@seb Have you checked out Start Trek Picard yet?

@seb there was an open source soc tool we foubd a while back, for setting up incident response teams. I thought it was called “meteor” or something like that, do you remember its name?

Is Turkey going to single handedly break the EU?

Watching “Tomorrow Never Dies” which is a great 90’s movie. It’s very optimistic in its assertion that the British are a relevant player in anything.

CherryTree is such a genuinely intuitive piece of software. It’s such an elegant way of putting documents together.


I’m unclear which is worse: the stark authoritarian but “trains run on time” AWS or the cartoonishly incapable Microsoft. Who would you rather program guns?

How are people securing ipv6 from thc/mitm6/responder?

Watching “The Expanse” and wondering hwp you would encourage computing to be so neutral as it is in the show and how much time and energy it would save. Universal devices , software and visualizations without licensing getting in the way. There’s no Windows start up screen in Star Trek!

How far off are we from actually using distributed technologies ( Storj, Golem) It feels like only cult of speculators are praising such powerful technology. Is it just waiting for the culture to develop?

It is fascinating how consistent German software providers hold openness and keep very low pricing. Can SMB’s succeed with American software any more?

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