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I started doing some labs on Attack Defence labs but it ended up being too advanced for me to attempt. Still need to nail down the basics

Ending 2019 listening to my online course. And gotta start doing 2020 with the same!

What IDEs are people using for ? I'm currently using PyCharm CE. It's being recommended with the two different online courses that I'm taking.

Back from all my holiday shenanigans.

I did a test at Pluralsight at see what level of I am at and I can start at the Intermediate level!

Supply-chain attack.
Two malicious libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys

"The code directly in the `jeIlyfish` library downloads a file called 'hashsum' that looks like nonsense from a gitlab repo, then decodes that into a Python file and executes it," Ganssle told ZDNet.

"It looks like [this file] tries to exfiltrate SSH and GPG keys from a user's computer and send them to this IP address:"

Just added three new courses:

Object Oriented Programming in Python - Aided with Diagrams

Flow Controls - Programming in Python

Data Types in Python - Foundation for Python Programming

All by the same person though.

Once I work on and publish these two Python scripts, my next thing to learn will be bash. Either that or building BSD rootkits?

Time to clean up my log file/directory scanning Python script example.
Going to add an interactive component to this first.
Then look for some common path examples.

Looking at various scanners in implementation

Being in Copenhagen for bsides this weekend would be nice.

Just finished Black Hat Python in its entirety! Have a couple of ideas for Python scripts to work on as well but won't start working on them until this weekend.

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