Just discovered search.noc.social an awesome account tool.

@dcid Is the source available somewhere, so we can have more of these search engine humming..?

@JonathanMBR get moving or die vs humans: we take care of you for at least 18 years, plenty of time xD

@tugatech deve ser, assim só afugentam pessoal de lá, passam a ir minar noutros sítios e como a internet é igual em todo o lado... :crazy:

Apple is a true business innovator: For more than a decade, they have been steadily perfecting an obscure anticompetitive tactic, turning a petty grift invented by console games companies into a global, cross-industry mechanism for extracting rents and centralizing control.

I'm speaking of App Stores, of course, and not just any app store, but one that's illegal to compete with or switch away from.


@seb now they don't need him, they can make an article with first hand experience :crazy:

@girlgerms haha, had me laughing after checking the followers, here have one more :D

Leaving red team/pentest for blue team/forensics feels weird. Maybe just a mental construct that they are very different, dunno, but I shall find out :D

@mxv thanks, I listened to some and I am really enjoying it!

@aetios hehe, at first it looked like drawn horses with chicken legs

@mxv that's interesting! Now I'm curious to listen to some songs, where can I find them?

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