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gas cracker to break down ethane from natural gas —> ethylene for plastics.
a (PDH) unit to make
chooses for €3bn petrochemical investment via

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xmpp is a protocol whereas MatrixChat is an open standard for communication, which securely distributes persistent rooms over an open federation of servers preventing a single points of control or failure & gives & reference implementations

Fwiw I don't endorse her view on this
I believe, we may not be equally fortunate , but we are equally vulnerable.

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Watch "Glenda Jackson: Housing benefit debate, House of Commons" on YouTube -
Airbnb has been a necessity since older times
The we know scaled and made it affordable for the who couldn't have afforded it otherwise

I don't know who needs to know this, but the tolerance of the people who follow me, most of them know better than I do, amazes me, even if they use twitter sporadically

- 2 linear operators o commute, then every subspace that is kernel k / image I of a p in one of o is automatically stable for o'. A p in o is just another o ψ  that commutes with o' ϕ
So proving k, I of ψ are ϕ-stable when ψ and ϕ commute, is enough

- diagonalizability of S on the whole space is equivalent to its minimal having no repeated factors

- Let V be a finite dimensional vector space over a field K, and let S,T be diagonalizable of V. S, T are simultaneously diagonalizable iff there is a basis of V which diagonalizes both.

S, T are simultaneously diagonalizable iff they commute.

- Let A:V→VA:V→V be a linear operator. Then AA is diagonalizable if and only if its minimal polynomial in F[T]F[T] splits in F[T]F[T] and has distinct roots.
Credit Keith cornard and some dude on sof

- Unlike classical , different need not be simultaneously measurable .
like X, p which is ultimately due to the fact that the position operator and the momentum operator do not commute

- canonical form looks at the invariant generalized

- diagonalization break down space into smaller invariant subspaces, eigenspaces, and then piece together the facts to get a simpler picture of how the mapping works
Like normal subgroup which add up to next factor of quotient group

- if G is a finite group of order { p^{a}q^{b}} where p and q are prime numbers, and a and b are non-negative integers, then G is solvable. Hence each non- finite simple group has order divisible by at least three distinct .
Theorem - Answer:
Do matrices have to commute in order to share and/or vice versa?

/ social responsibility is frequently a cloak for actions A, justified on other grounds rather than a for A. /
Society is divided
To belong to any part
One need accept the part as whole society

- business corporation has been a greater force for social good in countries like Germany and Japan where it is harder to buy and sell companies like commodities than is the case in the UK and US.

- PE companies buy out businesses, load them with debt, and sell them. The new owners may be obliged to slash costs in order to service the , putting the company and employees at risk — extracting value more than creating value.

- today’s owners may be forced to give priority to short-term profits by a heavy load imposed by earlier owners.

My 2c only valid reason for taxation is to keep lesser income groups from losing access to basic needs and Human Rights
I never read

- whilst individuals have a right to homestead private property from nature by working on it, they can do so only "at least where there is enough, and as good, left in common for others

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