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as it seems like a good idea.

I'm InfoSec student & intern. I write Python scripts for whatever people want from me.

I'm a big Megadeth fan. I like old CoD games and Quake. Though I suck at Quake.

I wish to post mostly about Linux and cybersecurity but wouldn't limit it to those.

"Introduction to Smart Contract why it is so demanding in the IT world"

It's not really the area of my interest but surely something that is needed to keep up with.

" Ditch Virtualbox, get qemu-virt manager " by MentalOutlaw

It's been about a month since I switched and to be fair I didn't see a MAJOR performance difference but I'm pretty happy with Qemu and I'll continue to use it

"Reading" put aside, I didn't even KNOW most of these existed!

10 books for GNU/Linux beginners

I've been researching about "exploit development" and these are some of the high quality, free content I've found so far:

(Article that points prerequisites before jumping right in)

(Not necessarily exploit development but surely covers some of the prerequisites.)

commands may be hard to get used to!

OTW's "Bandit" offers free challenges to get used to them, whether if you're interested in security or not!

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I have been recently assigned to a time-limited task and I think it was one of the rare occasions where I got to see myself "how I do" under pressure and little time.

Result: I do poorly.

Just found something called "lsd" which is a replacement for one of the most basic GNU/Linux commands: "ls"

Usually I'd think why would I want to replace something that I'm so accustomed to, but... it has color and little symbols!!

I will definitely give this article a try. and specifically never cease to amaze me for their use.

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Scripnix: Useful Python3 and bash shell scripts for macOS/BSD and *NIX

I recently switched to "doas" and ditched sudo as "sudo is bloated" but now I'm too scared to remove sudo so here I am, using both

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Have to develop a game for a class and man is it hard! I guess I will get to call it "experience" in the end but I'm sure I don't want a future in that field...

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Wow, ok, this is freaky.

New computer. Fedora Silverblue 36. Not signed into anything. Location services is on (using Mozilla location services). I’ve been living in Ireland now for 3+ years.

I open GNOME Maps app. I grant it location access. I press the “Go to current location” button.

It goes to the exact location of the home we had in Malmö, Sweden.

What. The. Fuck?

OK, so I have no idea how that’s possible. Mozilla must have somehow cached that location but how do they know it’s me?

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Contrary to popular belief, Linux is as user-friendly as Windows, if not more.

It's just that you're so used to Windows and don't want to learn Linux, no matter how easy it is.

Web 3.0 Devs on social media:

Learn Web 3 now. Learn it. You worthless nobody, do a favor to yourself and learn Web 3, right now. Just learn it and earn $200k. Do it.

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Using API for a project and man, I love how easy they make things. Basically:

"Don't do anything stupid and don't overload the systems and you're good to go."

Unlike Twitter: "We didn't like your idea lmao so no dev account for you. You lost your chance forever btw"

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"Decrypting your own HTTPS traffic with Wireshark"

This looks like a fun weekend project so just leaving it out there

Found on r/netsec

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