New to mastodon and the fediverse in general do you guys and gals or nb pals have any tips to stay out of trouble and or how not run into nazis.

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@zylond Welcome to!

We have a Getting Started Guide here:

If you run into any Nazis, please report them and we will remove their posts.

Have FUN!

Just curate friends and then stop drinking from the firehose after that. Just your personal TL. Then mute, block and filter at will.
It's all your show here. No ads, no assholes. :-)

@zylond welcome. I'm new here too, search for digital minimalism and decentralised tools. Making connections on the way.

@zylond On Mastodon, I would check the server rules for the server you want ot get an account on. Some servers allow anything at all, others have strcit rules about what they won't tolerate. So find one that matches your preference. There is usually an obvious link off the home page to find this out.

@zylond you’ll run into Nazis from time to time, although less frequently than on the birdsite.

The good thing is that they mostly congregate on the same instances. So, if you see one, check his instance, and if there’s a lot of it there, you can mute the entire instance. After that, you’ll never see posts from anyone in that instance anymore.

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We have a Getting Started Guide here: